「22nd Japan’s Best Hair Growth Contest」The winner is Yuji Nishijima!

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Genuinely Your Own Hair Yuji Nishijima (pseudonym, age 51), a student at the Reve21 Kokura Operation Center, won the 22nd Japan’s Best Hair Regrowth Contest held by Reve21 (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Katsumasa Okamura; hereinafter “Reve21”) from July to September 2022, out of 241 entries.

The “Hair Regrowth Japan Contest” has been held annually since 2001 by Reve21, based on the concept of “wanting many people suffering from hair loss to know the joy of hair regrowth”.

For the past two years, we had to refrain from holding the contest due to the Corona disaster, but this time, the contest was held on the web. 65 contestants were selected from 3241 entrants, and Reve21 staff presented the results of their hair regrowth efforts and the brightness of their lives restored by hair growth. After a strict screening process, the winner was decided in early October.
The top winners are as follows
Second place: Ms. Fumiko Omori (Tachikawa O.C.)
Third place: Sora Kakizaki (Sendai O.C.)
Hideki Honda (Mito O.C.) in 4th place
Kenji Inazuma (Niigata O.C.) in 5th place
With a mission to “restore confidence and joy to all people suffering from hair loss,” Reve21 will continue to contribute to society through “hair growth.
The 22nd Hair Growth Contest in Japan website


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