Hair Clinic Reve-21 Co.,Ltd. joins the newly established “GX Business Working Group”

October 7, 2022 7:26 am Published by

Hair Clinic Reve-21 Co.,Ltd. established the “GX Business Working Group” in collaboration with 6 leading companies (Nomura Holdings, Inc. being the chair) and 73 member companies.

 Towards FY2023’s full operation of GX League*, we will facilitate three functions together with more than 440 supporters of FY 2022 GX League. This working group is one of three GX League’s function, discussion of market creation and rulemaking in the carbon-neutral society, which especially in 2022 aims to create public private collaboration mechanism in rulemaking.  For the realization of carbon neutral society, GX Business Working Group aims to establish an appropriate framework to evaluate Japanese companies’ opportunity, their contribution to climate change. Through the discussion with leaders and members of the working group, we intend to develop a guideline and take initiative on climate-related opportunities by the end of FY2022.

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