Donation of Japanese Beauty Chairs to Cambodian Beauty
Skills Training School

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Corporate Commendation from Deputy Minister of State
Mar. 31, 2023
Reve21 (Head office: Chuo ku, Osaka; President: Katsumasa Okamura; hereinafter
Reve 21″) received an award from Deputy Minister of State HENG for donating 155
Japanese made beauty chairs to be used at the National Beauty Skills Institute and other
institutions at an award ceremony hos ted by the Cambodian government on March 21.

As part of its SDG activities,Reve 21 donated 155 beauty chairs to the Ministry of Labor and
Vocational Training of Cambodia for use at the Cambodian National Institute of Beauty
Skills and other insti tutions. The donation was made to celebrate the opening of a new
beauty skills training school by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training in Cambodia.
In the words of President Okamura, “I hope that one day in the near future, I will be able to
work w ith honest and polite Cambodians who have mastered the art of using Japanese made
beauty chairs.”
Reve21 is also actively involved in carbon neutrality through afforestation as a GX endorsing
company, we proposed collaboration with the Cambodian gov ernment on environmental
measures to decarbonize the country in the future, and they agreed to ou r proposal.
Reve 21 aims to achieve its own carbon neutrality by 2025. We will continue to contribute to
the realization of a “future society where life shines brightly” through our SDG s activities.

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